Cotton (Gossypium spp.) fertilizer recommendations

Cotton (Gossypium a major world fibre crop. It is grown under a very broad range of climates, soils and cultural practices. For the most part, it is grown in tropical latitudes. However, it is cultivated as far north as 43° N in the USSR and 45° N in China. 
There are four separate domesticated species of cotton grown in various parts of the world which include
G. arboreum L. (diploid), G. herbaceum L.(diploid), G. hirsutum L. (tetraploid) and G. barbadense L. (tetraploid). G. arboreum and G. herbaceum are commonly referred to as Old World diploids due to their ploidy condition and origins being traced to locations in the Old World. Both G. hirsutum and G. barbadense evolved in the New World and are referred to as allelotetraploids. 
There are literally hundreds of varieties of these various domesticated species which have been developed for production around the world. G. hirsutum is the most extensively developed species and represents approx. 90 % of total world production.

Cotton (Gossypium spp.fertilization - IFA world fertilizer use manual 1992.

- Crop data
- Nutrient demand/uptake/removal - Plant analysis data
- Fertilizer recommendations
- Preferred nutrient forms
- Fertilizer practices

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